Had a run to Fethiye again today in search of tyre puncture foam, we have not been able to find a proper roadside puncture repair kit and tyre irons locally. The next best thing is tyre foam, after hours of Internet research half those who have used it say it works and the other half say it is no use what so ever, I’m hoping I will be in the lucky 50%.



The weather was a little cold when we set off towards Fethiye, only 20c but by the time we were half way the cloud cleared a little and the day began to warm up.



As per usual we stopped at our favorite place overlooking the islands for a ciggie.



There is a dirt track leading down the hill towards the shore line, one day I will explore these tracks because it looks as though there might be some secluded bays down there. After our ciggie break we continued on to Fethiye.



I bought two cans of tyre foam from the Honda dealer in Fethiye, while we were there we noticed another Police Varadero in pieces part way through it’s service.


We had a ciggie and a chat with the manager, then it was off to Fethiye Marina to look at the boats before going to our favorite tourist trap for a Full English Breakfast.




The cloud started to reapear so it was off to our cafe for a treat !!


A Full English Breakfast, the stuff an Empire was built on, the  Continental Breakfast is for healthy leaf eating people, a ”Fried English”, overflowing with heart warming grease and cholesterol is favoured through out the many truck stops of Europe, the ”Full English” is just one of the many gifts Britain has given to the World of fine cuisine.



A pleasent journey back home, I will say a prayer tonight to the God of motorbikes that my tyre foam is the one that works!!


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on April 21, 2009.


  1. A full English? Sounds like a sex act to me.
    I had to go to Halfords in Preston to get my puncture spray. I know your favourite ciggie place. I stopped there and took a photo last Friday.

    • Hi John,

      Fethiye is a little nearer than Preston for tyre spray….but I bought the last two cans on the shelf, perhaps they will have some more next week lol.

      Sooooo you have discovered my secret ciggie place have you….well don’t tell anyone, or everyone will go there and it will be a foot deep in fag ends by next month.



  2. forget the ciggies. stop for a photo break instead. I’m liking your Transalp, but they don’t sell them over here, and the Veradero is new for 2009 and very pricey.
    I’m not sure I like to use that foam stuff. better to get a patch kit and compressor

    • Hi Bob,

      Yes it is one of the many odd things about Honda’s corperate stratergy, they don’t seem to bother much with America, the Africa Twin and the Transalp both have cult status over here in Europe, soooooo Honda then canceled production of the Africa Twin couple of years ago and last year they remodled the 2008 Transalp to almost an ordinary road bike….Mr Honda must be rolling in his grave.

      Honda’s big enduros (dual sport) were not sold in the states or Australia…very strange!!

      Getting hold of things like patch kit and compressor, and many other things is not easy in Turkey Bob, its all a little ”Seat of the pants” here lol. Tyre foam was quite a coup!!



  3. Dave: I would be happy to donate a little 12V compressor for your travels. Let me know how to ship it to you. send me an email with details. Bobskoot@yahoo.com I could also include one of those “strip” patch kits

    • Hi Bob,

      That is a very generous offer mate, cheers for that…….but….the postal service in Turkey is hit and miss at the best, just to give you some background, we have lived here 4 years and 90% of my post to the villa went missing, we sold the villa and moved into an apartment 3 weeks ago and our new address is untested. We know only one person in town who has an address that ”works” most of the time, but even his is not 100%.

      Even if you posted it today to my friends address it would take weeks to get here from America, and I would be on the road before then, it’s one of the (many) things we ex-pats have to put up with to live in the sun lol.

      Thanks again for your kind offer Bob, but I would not be comfortable in myself if your pakage went astray, I will do what I always do…take a chance….I will be able to find a set easy when I reach UK, its just in this corner of the World it’s a problem lol.



  4. Dave: I got a part for my gorillapod in 2 weeks from San Francisco. I was surprised. Then Sue-Lee found the missing part in the bottom of her suitcase. Joby were good to send it though.

  5. Hi Dave,
    Excellent post mate… John doesn’t know the addage: “We’re British…no SEX …please”
    I fully understand what you’re saying about the postal system.
    When you said a full English, I had fish and chips in mind…but seeing the picture…yes mate that’s a full English breakfast and it makes me wanna go out to the local grease spoon here in Delta for some greasy French Fries, bacon and eggs…Full English…Canadian style…lol
    Hey, if you have an address en route somewhere in Europe where you will be, I can send you some stuff you can use….let me know…you have my email address, so use it mate.
    BTW, did you ever get that GPS system?
    Cheers and all the best.

    • Hi Berge,

      Talking about greesey spoon……for some reason I have a calling to visit the ACE CAFE in London, got to have pie and peas there, plus a photo outside the famous bikers cafe.

      En-route I will be calling at my mothers, could use her address, please though do not send me a 5 foot tall porcalian statue because it might fall off the bike in Morocco lol.

      No GPS, I will print some maps off from the computer this week, about 15 years ago I bought a load of AA guide books and I think I left them in my mothers garden shed, all the European countries plus Morocco, if the guide books are still there I will be sorted, if not I will buy a guide book.



  6. G’day Dave

    Posting here from ADVrider. (People do read the ADV ride reports, not so much us blathering on about about getting ready for the trip.)
    I’ll be starting a brand new ride report over there when I reach the UK. Thanks for the offer of the couch and yes the local airport would be perfect. I just have not been able to find any cheap flight/hotel deals to Cairo is all. I perused the internet for that yesterday.

    On the way down to Morocco Lin and I feel that we must spend a couple of days in Paris, as I’ve never been there.
    Let me know what you two think about that idea.
    My idea is to camp just outside Paris and ride in very early in the morning, before the traffic builds up. Spend the whole day there and then ride back to the campsite after the peak hour traffic finishes in the late afternoon.

    Cheers: Jaq.

    • Hi Jaq and Lin,

      Your Idea for Paris is more perfect than you realise, I was going to make the suggestion to you when I actually met you, I have been to Paris many times but Linda has not, I would be more than happy to stand around guarding the bikes while the 3 of you went off exploring. Paris is such a beatifull and magnificent city, there is even a McDonalds near the Arch de Triomph….culture and convenience!!

      We went to see Theo today regarding your enquirey about Egypt but he is away with the family untill Monday so will try again then, we started shopping for the trip today, we bought a new pair of comfy combats each to ride in plus other bits and pieces, the gear is starting to mount up rapidly.



  7. Dave,
    Your trip is very exciting and u seem to be a level headed guy with a good looking broad, riding along Europe and hoping for the best… OBAMA said: YE WE CAN..that also trasnlates to: YES YOU CAN…

    • Hi Berge,

      Yeah no worries about the trip, in my life I have been caught up in 2 different coups, one small war in the Middle East and been held at gun point by an unsavoury character in the jungle…..after that, a little ride around is easy 🙂

  8. Dave,
    Your trip is very exciting and u seem to be a level headed guy with a good looking broad, riding along Europe and hoping for the best… OBAMA said: YES WE CAN..that also trasnlates to: YES YOU CAN…
    regardless of what anyone says you will need to count on yourself on this trip to provide fun, food, etc… and safety…so plan carefully…B4 u set out.
    I have no problems sending u a Palm tree from Florida…but won’t …I’ll send u useful stuff…no strings attached whatsoever mate…we’re just a riding community

    • Hi Berge,

      Cheers for the offer of useful stuff, my mothers address in England will probably be best, there are no problems with the post in UK…unlike here!! Thanks for not sending me a palm tree…..

      I will send her address to your e-mail.



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