A SCOOTER IN TURKEY – comes to town

We met up with John McClane today, the  writer of  A SCOOTER IN TURKEY, it was really great to meet another person from the Blog writing asylum. John is the second person we have met in Turkey via the Internet, it’s always a tense moment for the first few seconds when you meet someone from the Internet, you wonder if they are a mad axe murderer or worse, a Tax inspector, but we were lucky again, John was a great chap.

Last year we met Ian and Bev via the Internet and had a couple of rides around Turkey together, Bev was nice but Ian did have the look of a  mad axe murderer  in his eye 🙂



We chatted for an hour or so about bikes, scooters and life in Turkey, our waiter at the cafe was also into bikes, parked up next to mine was his bike, a nice example of a  Mondial MCT 250, 19 HP comes with panniers as standard and only a little over a thousand(1600 USD) pounds new.


For those who don’t know, John writes a popular blog about his travels and life in Turkey, there is a link to his blog in my BLOGROLL columb on the right of the page.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on April 17, 2009.

15 Responses to “A SCOOTER IN TURKEY – comes to town”

  1. I left the axe in the car. I thought, I’m going to trust these people.

    Oh, and please, take those pictures off!

    • Hi john,

      Yeah not the best pics, a little out of focus…..smudgey finger prints on the lens again lol.

  2. “Ian has the look of a mad axe murderer” – you want to try living with him!!

  3. You are very lucky indead to be able to meet up with John. We are just too far away. I’m flipping a coin to determine who is who, I have a 50% chance. I would imagine John is the one on the Right ?? Keep up your travels (the both of you), we like to look at your photos


    • Hi Bob,

      The one on the right is my Mrs. john is in the middle by the bike lol..



  4. Great to put pictures to the names…now I know who’s who on the riding scene in Turkey…John in the middle, Dave and Linda…great to meet ya all folks.
    Cheers and write safely

  5. I will write safely mate …lol
    OK I was drunk…so what? I admit it

  6. Dave & Linda: glad to meet you. Looking forward to your European tour. I can’t wait until you’re on the road so we can see pictures from your travels

    • Hi Bob,

      Cheers for that…yeah only a couple of weeks to go now before we set off, thinking about May 5th but not sure yet, just have to fetle the suspension then start the paperwork to get out of Turkey. I was contacted today by a biker in Croatia, it looks to be a beautiful part of the World to pitch a tent. We have not done a great deal of preperation regarding route and scheduals, just a basic outline, infact writing this has just reminded me I have not printed out any maps yet…tomorrows job!!

      The catering has been sorted now, we think we can survive weeks on beans and frankfurters, well I know I can, not too sure about the Mrs.lol.



  7. Dave:

    Beans and Frankfurters may be okay for protein, but you also need some veggies or apples. Too bad you couldn’t borrow a GPS. Sounds like a grand adventure, be sure to take lots of photos, it’s a trip of a lifetime

    • Hi Bob,

      We are tacking two cameras, one each, so plenty of photos….my photos will be the bike against a 1000 different backgrounds and Linda’s photos will be everything else lol. This part of the World and some of the other countries we are traveling through are not covered by GPS maping, only when we go into Europe proper would a GPS be of any use.

      Protein and vitamins……..Bob I’m sure I read somewhere that ciggies contain vitamins and are part of a balanced diet or did I just imagine it.



  8. Dave: I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times so I won’t argue the merits of NOT smoking, that job is best left for Linda, suffice to say it’s not healthy for you. I’m the one who lugs around a lot of cameras, perhaps less is better but I like large photos. If you have room, take a small tripod for those “family” pictures.

    • Good idea Bob, thanks for that, I actually saw a small tripod in a local shop last week, I thought to myself should I, should’nt I….but now I will.

      Yeah I was camera guy aswell some years ago, never less than 3 lensses etc. I went compact about 12 years ago, then compact digital about 2 years ago, not the same quality as proper cameras it’s true, but way easier to carry around.



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