Booked the bike in for a thorough service at the Honda dealer in Fethiye today, the oil change was not necessary but I thought it best to do it before the tour begins, one less thing to think about.


We left our new multicoloured apartment at the crack of dawn, well 09.30 feels like the crack of dawn when your retired.





A very quiet 30 mile run to Fethiye, there was very little traffic on the roads, it seems nobody wakes up this early on the Mediterranean coast.



Two floors of lovely shiney bikes, the service area is around the back and under the building.


My poor Innocent baby waiting to be manhandled.



A team of three soon had her stripped down to gain access to the oily parts, the Bible (Haynes Manual) Psalm 21 says ”thou shalt change the 4 spark plugs now and  verily check the 6 valves for clearences”.



The valve clearances were spot on and needed no adjusting, the new plugs were gaped properly before going in, I think the timing was checked, I’m not sure because two motorcycle cops came in to the garage on a Police  Honda Varadero, so we were chatting and looking at each others bikes,  one of the police officers spoke English, he produced his mobile phone and showed me pics of his own bike, a 2006 red Transalp, which I think I have seen around.

The Africa Twin and Transalp dwarf  most bikes on the road but when they rolled the Varadero next to my Transalp I could see how large the Varadero was, it made my Transalp look like a scooter. The Honda Varadero  is 1000 cc and weighs around 240 Kg churning out  85 HP, almost as heavy as the two BMW  GS’s, I was about to take a photo when they received a radio call and had to leave immediately, next time !!

The coolant was also changed before the bike was nailed back together, the great thing I noticed was the good workmanship, every bolt and screw was oiled before going back in place and everything was tightened up ”equal and opposite” I told the mechanic about the up coming big trip and asked him to cast his eye over everything and adjust where necessary.


While the old girl was naked I took the opportunity to clean and polish parts I normally can’t get too, I don’t know why I do it, it’s obviously some deep character defect 🙂




My bill for all this work and time came to about 40 Pounds (50 USD) After I settled up the Manager wished me well with my trip and gave me key rings and a tool set, it was really great to see mechanics that cared about their work and did things properly.


The bike felt and sounded very different on the way back home, I seem to have more Horse Power and the exhaust note has changed, it’s a much deeper rumble now….I don’t know why it’s deeper, but I like it!!




We stopped at our usual place for a ciggie then continued on home, the bike really pulls in top gear now, it’s like a new bike.



I was thinking that I might buy a late 80’s classic Transalp to restore as a project when I return from my travels, now I have found a good mechanic  at Honda Fethiye, I feel more confident about buying an old bike, or maybe a Varadero !


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on April 14, 2009.


  1. Hi Dave, Just realised these pics are in high def. and you can blow them up. Spotted you behind the old renault 9, but did you notice the sexy blonde biker chick sat on the Honda dealership steps ?

    • Hi Ian,

      Good to hear from you, Yeh she keeps getting in the way of bike photos lol. Not long to go now should be in sunny England in less than 4 weeks.

  2. Thankyou Ian, dave has’nt realised yet how lucky he is to have me 😛

  3. Hiya you two! Surprise! Sister here.
    I’ve read your blog and I was really surprised at your sense of humour and wit, now that you’re getting on a bit David! Linda stop laughing – your not far behind! lol Seriously I’ve enjoyed reading this and I’m looking forward to seeing you both soon – not forgetting my VERY LATE birthday present too!! Drive safe, have a great trip and don’t forget to buy me place named key rings! Or I’ll charge you rent for the bedroom, bed, meals etc…! lmao Love Lesley, mum and Jake XXX

    • Hi Sis,

      Start reading the blog from August or it will not make sense…….I got a free keyring today from Honda…it’s worth it’s weight in GOLD, will that do for your 50th??

      So far as the room goes…I have a better deal from Ian, if we bring him eggs (They are cheap here) we get chocolate hobnobs !! lol.

      Take care,


  4. Bruv,
    You are sooo gonna regret that when I see you!! lol.
    As for chocolate hobnobs(they’re only chocolate covered floor sweepings anyway) and that key ring – sheesh! No I’ll let you keep it lol.
    Less love than before Lesley, mum and Jake X

  5. Who’s that sexy girl you DOG… no wonder you do not share her pcitures with us… She’s a good looking broad so count your blessings… or I’m coming after you…oops sorry I meant after her…
    Now for serious talk…you let these deprived boys strip your German mistress naked… Achtung…!!! You must have Italian confidence in your blood…, unless what I’m thinking is Frau BMW was not in her element or in the mood and exhibited her mustache…Mind you, …, not the one on her face…
    anyway..I’m glad she’s purring after all the fingering she received today
    I’m so looking forward to reading your posts…cause BUD…(Not Budweiser) you are genuine…

    • Hi Berge,

      Did you have a few Budweisers yesterday mate ?? HONDA is very much Japanese lol

  6. Cheers Dave…must have had…lol

  7. Dave, I’m sorry man… so I was out of it…!!!

    • No worries mate…I know you have bigger things on your mind at the moment 🙂

  8. Cheers Dave…for you are a gentleman and a scholar…OK I’m back in good shape now…lol

    • Hi Berge,

      Glad to here it mate…….soooo hows the write up comming along of your bike trip the other weekend?



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