Hi All,

Sold the Villa unexpectedly this week and we have moved into an apartment, trying to get phone and Internet lines installed at the moment, those familiar with tedious Turkish bureaucracy will know this simple process can take between 1 day,1 year, or never !!

I shall endeavour to maintain the blog from my local Internet cafe whislt waiting.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on March 28, 2009.


  1. Hi Dave…what you gonna do with all the extra cash you made…?…lol… moving is a lot of work, never been to Turkey, but having lived in the Far East, fully understand the kind of bureacracy you’re talking about. Ask some of your local friends for help…that usually works. Good Luck Mate.

    • Hi Berge,
      The cash will be heading for the stock market this winter or perhaps before, the financial markets will recover long before the property market so have taken out a years rent on a flat, 70 quid a month. We have tried to obtain a phone line etc. the correct way and had no joy, so we will have to ”oil a few wheels” and get back on the internet that way.



  2. £70 a month’s not bad! Is that in Dalaman?

    • Hi John,

      Yes 70 a month is a little expensive but the flat is 130m2, there are some a little more cheaper here in Dalaman at 60 pounds a month near the MOPAK factory, I think they were around 100m2 but a waiting list to get in.



  3. Well Dave. now that you have your connection all fixed up thanks to your local friend…let’s hear from you buddy…let’s rock & roll…let me hear the sexy details, positions, etc…. YES YOU CAN…OBAMA SAYS SO
    Kind wishes and Happy Easter to you and your family Bud

    • Hi Berge,

      Yep stuff is comming……..4 new plugs and valves to be adjusted next week, followed by a test ride, then suspension adjustment(another test ride loaded up) for all the extra weight on tour, then the thrilling tales of Turkish paperwork to get the bike out of the country(..and back in) Only about 3 weeks to go now before my Grand tour begins, am going to meet up with an Aussie couple Jaq and Lin in London around May 15, then we are off down to Morocco together, Jaq’s a writer, I don’t remember if he’s doing a blog, but he is going to write a book about the journey…we are nearly there mate !! Might do one of my test rides to Kas and see if John (Scooter around Turkey) is about.



  4. Hi Dave…it’s so goooood to hear from you again…I’m looking forward to your trip reports..I did a 612 mile run last weekend, got pictures, but haven’t had the time to do a post yet..My mom’s passing has just hit me home…
    The Aussies think they’re at the end of the Bus Line, they forget there is New Zealand sligthly south of them…lol Bring lots fo beer with you for they have it for breakfast with corn flakes.
    Just got my 16 year old a scooter and he’s having heaps of fun with it…
    Cheers mate and Happy Easter/Passover…whatever you celebrate…fine with me.
    You must be clostrophobic in the apartment after having lived in a Villa

    • Hi Berge,

      Sorry to here about your mum mate, its probably no help but I found traveling and blogs very cathartic after my father passed, I found myself traveling to the places he wanted to visit but did not have the chance too, when I’m there its as though he’s with me, if that makes any sense.

      Met quite a few Aussies when I lived in Asia, I love their relaxed attitude to things and life in general, I know what you mean though about boozing being a National sport over there, Jaq takes riding very seriously and ”He’ll be right” as they say.

      The villa…..Don’t miss it yet, it was way too big for just the two of us and when the Mrs. became unwell she struggled to keep the place clean, the flat is only 130sqm (1500 square feet) so its much easier for her now, and I also put wireless internet in the flat, we have a computer each now – on the net… no more pushing each other off the PC…life is good !!

      I spent 3 hours cleaning the bike outside the apartments this afternoon, the neighbours brought me over cake and tea, I’m gonna like it here Berge lol.



  5. Dave:
    About your comment on my blog, I haven’t been to Fethiye since January.

    I should be going to Kaş tomorrow to get the scooter serviced and pay my scooter tax (a bit late!).

    If I’m not in Fethiye tomorrow I’ll be in Fethiye then Dalaman on Friday.

    When do you start the big trip?

    • Hi John,

      Trip starts in about 3 weeks time, we will be traveling 4 to 6 weeks (not big on planning) not long to wait now…..Kas to Dalaman, and back again on a scooter will be quite a trip for you, do you know ”plastic palm tree roundabout” off the airport road in Dalaman? Akbank and Yapi credit are either side of the roundabout.

  6. I’ll be in a car! Sue-Lee is arriving. I know the bus station in Dalaman, that’s all. Now I think, you turn left at the plastic palm to get to the bus station.

    • Hi john,

      The bus station is fine,do you mean the station for the large coaches or the station for the Dolmus’s, I’ll park the bike so she can be easily seen, do you have an ETA yet?

  7. Dave…Thanks so much mate…you are a gentleman and a scholar…Cheers BUD

  8. Dave: the one where the Pamukkale buses stop on their way to Izmir. About 1pm.

    • Hi John,

      Sounds like the coach station, can’t see the Dolmus going that far to Izmir, the Mrs. and I shall be there and I will park the bike somewhere very visable.



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