I filled up the tank over a month ago, it’s winter here at the moment so we have not been on any trips out of town since January. With 99% urban riding the bike has now returned 309 KM for 15 litres of fuel used, a full tank holds 19.5 litres which would give a theoretical range ofย  400km, this equates to 20.6 KM per lire or 4.85 Litres per 100 KM, or 57.9 MPG. The urban cycle, as we all know is the worst of the two MPG figures for any vehicle, the constant 56 MPH (90 KPH) cycle is always better.


The figure of 58 MPG for the Transalp’s urban cycle is much better now since the rear sprocket was changed for a smaller 46 tooth, the taller gearing has obviously made a difference here, the same as it has out on the highway. During this winter period the temperature has plunged as low as 7c some days, most of the starts were done with the choke on, which consumes more fuel. So to recap, the Transalp now returns 58 MPG around town and 65 MPG on a run, two up with panniers and top box fitted.

On a side note, the previous five bikes we have winter started here have all coughed and spluttered in to life, whereas the Transalp has always fired first time, I’m guessing this is due to two spark plugs per cylinder !


The 1% that ruins my otherwise pure urban MPG, is when teenagers come up along side me, revving their engines challenging me to a drag race out of town. When the Mrs. is on the back I don’t respond because she will say ”Act your age” or ”Grow up” etc. But one small part of my brain is still adolescent, so I respond to the challenge when I’m alone and drag race out of town. My enduring advantage is the two large speed bumps on the road, they have to brake for these whereas I stand on the pegs and fly over them, off-road suspension has it’s advantages on-road also !!


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on March 12, 2009.


  1. Be careful going over these speed bumps…they can be a difficult maneouver at best…your MPG doesn’t seem to be great

    • Hi Berge, how was Vegas? Standard MPG is 50 to 55 for this bike on a run, I’m getting 65 MPG now fully loaded up, if I removed the panniers and the wife it would be nearer to 70 MPG, I would call that an improvement over the standard 55MPG just by changing a sprocket. Speed bumps are hell on a scooter or ordinary road bike but not on an Enduro bike, its the long suspension travel, it makes a World of difference.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Vegas was great as usual…lol. I ‘m out $ 400…could’ve been worse though
    That’s pretty good performance, but yes, changing to right gear/sprocket combination will do the trick…I’m wondering how come I never thought of this myself. It was a useful post as you showed us how to significantly improve on mileage

  3. Ermmmm… Are you sure you’re replicating the actual urban cycle? You might need to go to Istanbul for that!

    My neighbour is always complaining about his mpg, but he never takes his scooter out of the village. The Suzuki starts first time, every time. Except when I’ve been away, when it coughs and moans, you’ve been away, you didn’t take me, see if I care.

    • Hi John,
      Are you back from your travels yet? I’m really interested to see if I can get the bike in to Syria later this summer, you have inspired me to try!!……Starting easy…..comes as standard with Japanese machinery, the Chinese and Turkish bikes I’ve had here have been awfull at times during winter. I will find out about Istanbull in a few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yes, Dave, back now. The bank accoint has taken a major battering. I could do with a few months of going nowhere. But we have a trip planned to Istanbul next month or in May. And I might have to go back to England in June.

    • Hi John, must be good to be back in the slightly warmer weather here than UK,are you taking Suzuki to Istanbul ?

  5. Dave, about Syria. You need a carnet, all the taxi drivers had them. There is an office at the border where you can buy insurance. I heard it wasn’t cheap, but what that means exactly I don’t know. The visa is currently $52. I paid with a $50 note and some Syrian change. The road from the border to the main Aleppo highway is not great, and there is a nasty level crossing which could cause a problem for a bike. You need to have an itinerary and an address for your first night at least. These details are faxed to Damascus along with your passport details.

    • You are a Gent Sir…Thanks for the Syria info, my Carnet enquiries are turning up about 200 USD, but a chap on ADV went in to Syria and jordan with no Carnet and was charged 150 USD import duty on a big expensive Beemer, so 255 USD for us and the bike and perhaps 30 USD for rip-off insurance. Its nearing 300 Dollars before the trip begins….Hhmmm…Might have to wait a little longer for that expensive trip, in order for my brain to come up with more reasons to justify the trip to myself ๐Ÿ™‚

      The bad desert roads are half the attraction John, mind you if petrol is cheaper in Syria than Turkey it will negate some of the entery cost, see…I’m starting to ”Justify” already.

      Cheers for the info once again John,


  6. OK enough of this pussy footing around…when are you gonna post something interesting… just the plain sex scenes man…. post something soon and make it hot baby…! lol
    Cheers and keep well Dave… Best wishes alweays..! WE need to see the bike…now that’s sexy…!

    • Hi berge,

      yep I know…just have to be patient, the weather here is still not good and the Mrs is only 4 weeks out of hospital, its still too early to be bouncing the old girl around on the back of a bike, another couple of weeks and there will be some sexy Transalp photos for you lol.

      In the meantime look on my BLOGROLL for ALL RIDES AROUND TURKEY there are plenty of road trips on there, but with my other bikes not just the Transalp, the black bike is quite sexy !!



  7. Hey Dave…what’s wrong withe Mrs…hope all’s well bud…

    • Hi berge,

      She had to have an operation (Lady things) I don’t want to say exactly what it is here in public, she just wants to get well and forget about it ASAP. The operation was 4 weeks ago and she is now up and about a few hours per day, another few weeks and the old girl will be able to move about normally…….but the worst thing is, I’ve had to do the cooking!!



  8. Hi Dave… I must firstly apologize for not getting back to you sooner but with the events here…everything had become a zoo fare..I have yet to write my post about the 612 miles one day trip I took with my Friend from Fenrdale WA…I’ll get to it this weekend.
    The operation she had is quite normal and should pose no long term risk…!!! so that’s good… 50% of the girls have to have it…at a certain age…don’t tell her I said that… I do hope, very sincerely that all will be well
    Thanks for your messages of comfort, it did mean a lot to me mate…and yes what you describe is exactly what it is…thanks BUD… (Don’t mean Budweiser as you Brits would have it…lol)I really and truly appreciate it

    • Hi Berge,

      No worries about the Mrs. as the Aussies say ”She’ll be right” Very much looking foward to your 600 mile ride report this weekend with photos.



  9. Will do it this weekend…the write up that is…I had a lot more trouble putting my mom’s passing behind me that I THOUGHT i would have.
    btw… I’M NOT A SOFT HEARTED GUY…I’m an S.O.B.

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