With inspiration from Berge, I have spent another day engrossed in Internet research, trawling around for a video camera to use whilst on the road. It is fair to say Mr. Spielberg has nothing to fear from me at the moment, today’s video technology has moved on greatly since 1994 when I last used a video camera.

My criteria was daunting, idiot proof, small and light, cheap, no software problems, able to run on normal batteries, and if possible could be switched on and used with one hand whilst riding along. My first port of call was the venerable  CURRYS  website, an electrical and gadget retailer in UK, then being confronted with  lists of dozens of camcorders, I started with the cheapest and worked my way up.

I had a cunning plan to whittle the list away, I copied and pasted every cheap camcorders name in to YOU TUBE, and then observed the video quality, truly I have seen so many terrible cat, dog, and skate boarding videos today, to last a life time !


The Flip Video Ultra Camcorder, is what I came up with for movies on the road, one button on/off and one button to record/stop, as simple as that, it can easily be operated with one hand. It runs on normal batteries which last 2 hours if continually operated, therefore I don’t need to find ”Electricity”  whilst travelling, for rechargeable batteries.


It holds one hour of VGA quality video via the built in memory, then comes the clever part, it has a built in USB connection, and built in full editing software.


It’s compatable with any PC running on Windows, pretty  much all internet cafes use Windows, the built in software allows editing and then burning to a disc, or one click up to You Tube, so simple and convenient.


While it is not the cheapest out there, 98 Pounds (140 USD) it is not expensive either, so we will not have to be worried or paranoid about theft, and can just enjoy our trip. Just had a further thought,  I could probably tape the camera to the inside of my visor so I would not have to ride one handed too long.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on March 1, 2009.


  1. Hey Dave,
    You done a good job buddy of researchin this thing. I like it, except I’d be concerned if the product was made in China.
    Check it out…but otherwise…you’re on the right track man.
    Kepp well

    • Hi Berge,

      The camera only has to last a couple of months while we are travelling, it was all the built in editing software that was the clincher, ideal for all those internet cafes while on the road.



  2. Hi Dave,
    You’re probably right mate…I hadn’t realized that you already go it. Ithought the whole thing was a theoritical excercise
    I am so looking forward to reading your road reports.
    Mind if I do a commentary on my blog about your upcoming trip..with a link of course. I really think this is something that can and should be followed by many readers.
    Let me know Bud.
    Have a great and wonderful day

    • Hi Berge,

      It was a theoretical excersise, cant buy anything here in Turkey that does not cost 3 times the normal price, I will probably buy it over the net and have it posted to a friends house in UK to collect en-route. If you think the ramblings of a grumpy 40 something, desperetly clinging to his last grain of youth and indulging himself in his midlife crisis would be of interest to anybody, then be my guest Berge with a commentary……Oooh, I might do a post entitled MIDLIFE CRISIS lol..



  3. Hi Dave,
    Didn’t realize you were a theoretical intellect but apparently you are….lol Don’t buy this thing on account of me…it was only a suggestion mate…understand what you’re saying about price of goods in Turkey…must be the same all over the middle east… this presents itself for some good business opportunities..right guy..right place…right time.
    I will do the post when you’re ready to hit the road…no point in doing it now…short memories and all… Hit the road Jack..and don’t you ……
    I always Enjoy chatting with you mate…Cheers and keep well

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