I have made a deal with the Mrs. that if she keeps out of the shops, boutiques, and restaurants of Europe, whilst on our tour, then I will buy her a laptop. Having travelled around Europe many times myself I know the horrendous cost of eating out and shopping there, this deal should save me a small fortune.

So how are we going to traverse Europe on the cheap…..camping and cooking for ourselves, whenever possible we will rough camp instead of paying campsite fees, but only use a proper campsite every few days for showers etc. To make cooking easy, Jaq in Australia sent me details of a TRANGIA STOVE, I’ve never herd of them before, but Aussies, being hardy outdoor types would know about these things.



These Trangia things also fold up into nothing, and weigh less than a pair of my sweaty socks, they burn small amounts of Methalyted spirits. We are going to tour around the hunting and fishing shops here and  buy one. Further to my cunning plans we have bought a tent and sleeping bags already, I have not camped since I was 17 and Linda has never camped at all.


We who know nothing, put our tent up in the garden in a matter of a few minutes, Tents have advanced so much since I was 17 years old,  no more buggering about with miles of string and hundreds of little colour coded metal pole pieces, so quick and easy today.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on February 20, 2009.


  1. Dave,
    Don’t forget to take a flash light and toilet paper…You wouldn’t wanna get caught in the dark with a Fig leaf… I think a lap top for the Mrs. is a good idea…did you know that you can also buy a GPS software and receiver to plug into the lap top. They are about $ 70 or so. Now I don’t know if they are available with European maps, specially for places that do not exist. Take care Bud.

    • Hi Berge,

      Good idea, just looked up on UK websites about plug in GPS for the laptop, certainly a big easy to see clear display, not too sure about balancing a laptop on the handlebars though…



  2. Agreed. I wouldn’t try it.
    When is your trip commencing?
    I think you mentioned it somewhere before
    How do you guys get so much time off?

    • Hi Berge,

      The trip of our lives starts in a few weeks, May something, got to wait a little bit yet for the weather to improve in Northern Europe.

      I was unwell a few years ago and decided to retire early to do what I wanted, while I still could. Living in the sun, the bikes, the trips, it’s all part of it. Niether the Mrs. or I are A1, but together we make one healthy person lol.

  3. Sorry for late reply. I hope you will both get stronger and better with time. I look forward to your trip reports

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