Spent yet another day engrossed in Internet research regarding International driving licenses (IDL) There is an absolute answer and a grey answer to this.

Firstly the absolute answer, if your domestic driving license is of the older paper kind, with no photograph, then 100% you have to buy an IDL to accompany your domestic licenses.

Now the grey answer, if your driving license is one of the modern photocard licenses then you do not need an IDL for most countries, but it is recommended for some countries and not others. So I have researched every country on my route to see their individual requirements for IDL, again depending what websites you check, the country to country answers vary, So to check the accuracy of the websites I looked up Turkey on each website, Most websites say you must have an  IDL for Turkey (You don’t) you only need an IDL for the older non photo paper licenses.


So what is an International drivers license, all it is, is a translation of your domestic license into 8 or 12 other languages, as per the United Nations conventions, plus a photo of your good self. The IDL has no entitlements for you to drive, it’s just there to translate nothing much really, because your name and date of birth will be written the same in most languages.

Anyway they are cheap enough, 10 Dollars or so in most countries, so I thought I may as well get one, just in case. Contacted the Turkish Automobile Association here, 160 Dollars, incredible, so I will not bother to get an IDL, it’s much cheaper just to pay a fine should that unlucky event happen. From reading numerous travel blogs, so much really just depends on the mood of the police officer who stops you, nothing new there.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on February 18, 2009.


  1. IDL…you kidding me man…who even looks at them?
    Good to have the paperwork in order..but frankly if you’re stopped by any of the corrupt pigs…just make sure to have a couple of $$ in your passport and you will be waved through… Hey I did it all the time in Asia and it worked.

    • Agree 100% with you mate, it’s been my experience also, iffy cops always like a little donation to their retierment funds regardless of weather you have all the correct paperwork or not. If the IDL was cheap here I would of got one but 160 US is just taking the piss, much cheaper to pay bribes !!

  2. It costs $10 (10 bucks) here. and even then it $10 too many lol

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