With gentle prodding regarding buying a GPS, I have looked once again at them, it’s been easily six years since I last considered a GPS and WOW, they have certainly developed, and come down in price from then. Very user friendly now with large clear displays, and they even warn you when you’re approaching a speed camera, giving you time to slow down.


GPS is short for Global Positioning System……trouble is…… it ain’t Global. It appears I live in a country that does not exist, and also my tour will include other countries that don’t exist also. I now completely understand how Masa, on his 5 year World tour, was lost in Turkey when his bike was equipped with GPS.

So really it’s not a fair description to call it GPS, it’s more like ”The Big Bits Of America, Canada And Europe Positioning System.”  True ”TBBOACAEPS” does not roll off the tongue quite so easy as GPS,  I was amazed to learn that even a civilised place like New Zealand does not exist, So whats the alternative ?


Good old fashioned maps, free of charge from Google, obtainable anywhere in the World that the Internet has reached, the strange thing is I can obtain a reliable map of  Turkey from Google, but not via GPS. The map sits happily in a tank bag on the bike, but the downside to maps of course, is they don’t shout at you to turn left or right, your left to think for yourself, always a dangerous thing !

Unless you’re confident tapping in Latitude and Longitude numbers accurately or Way point numbers, and of course obtain reliable numbers in the first place, then a GPS device for me would be of little use, well I could use it as a paper weight in summer when I have the fan on !!     I think if you live in a country that does exist, then this would be a valuable tool that once used, you could no longer do without. Perhaps I’ll  look again in another six years and see if my part of the World exists, untill then it’s Google maps for me.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on February 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “2009 EUROPEAN TOUR – GPS Vs GOOGLE”

  1. Very well said mate. In reality a Google map is all you need specially if you want to get lost in a country that doesn’t exist in the first place…more fun that way. Cheers

    • Cheers Berge…so what your saying is, if I get lost in a country that does not exist, then did it really happen !!

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