Some people go through life willingly embracing new technology, and some people have technology thrust upon them. I repeatedly fall into the later category, our grand trip will be somewhere around 40 days on the road and it is my intention to write daily posts about what we see and experience.

Writing posts from various Internet cafes en-route is no problem but what about the photos, it suddenly dawned on me that you can’t just plug your camera in to any old computer and it will work. I wondered if I had to carry the software CD’s for 2 cameras with me, so I asked this question on Adventure Rider website and two helpful chaps told me I need one of these things.


One person says it’s a Memory Stick and the other says it’s a Card Reader, anyway whatever it’s called you take your photo card out from your camera and place it in the gizmo, the gizmo then goes in to the Internet cafes PC  USB socket….and Voila…instant compatibility I’m told, upload your photos on to Photobucket and place in your blog ! I shall wander around town on Monday with this gizmo picture and see if I can buy one.

GPS is another piece of technology   that keeps cropping up, everyone recommends I get one because it’s not possible to travel anywhere these days without one, I’m still not sure I have a need for one, my Grandfather managed to find Rommel in the African Desert without one, and Rommel found him also !


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on February 15, 2009.

14 Responses to “2009 EUROPEAN TOUR – TECHNOLOGY”

  1. The gizmo is nice for uploading the pictures and I’ve read about it in many mags and on many website. Not sure if you still need to have software to download the pictures..many of the internet cafes only offer basics… You should look further into the software question. However, a simple solution is for you to have a google account (Which I assume you do), then in your google account download Picassa and that should do it. You’d have the software neccessary to download and save all your pictures wherever you have internet access. If you haven’t yet tried it, I suggest you do…very easy set-up …If you have any questions on this let me know…here again, I’m assuming too many things…like your not knowing about Picassa…but I find this is the easiest way for me to download pictures, edit them and save them on line…never had any problems wit that…
    GPS huhmmm…good point… I got my wife a Tom Tom and she swears by it. She will no longer go to the corner store without it…Although it’s European technology….they have done a tremendous job with the North American Maps and it’s always bang on as far as accuracy is concerned within 10 ft or so…in Euro language, roughly about 3 meters. I was going to get a North American model (Garmin) but then the Tom Tom one was on special at Christmas for $ 120.00 and being the cheap skate shot that I am I said why not Tom Tom…It turned out to be an excellent value tool. My youngest son, Nicholas, somehow managed to get on a USA soccer team down in WA state and so she has to drive him up and down the highway 3 times a week to different locations and the GPS system worked out just fine for that purpose… If you’re going to get one I’d recommend you look at Tom Tom…. Normally, I’m not a fan of European Technology because Europe has a different mindset which dictates beauty in difficulty… ie: it can’t be good if it’s that simple, let’s make it a little more complicated sorta thing…for instance I refuse to fly on an Air Bus. I think they’re beautiful looking machines but I have questions about their reliability…but that’s just me….crazy me…and nothing else…I know they are very reliable..I just don’t trust them…Merci beaucoup mais non merci! but as far as Tom Tom is concerned got to give it to the Europeans..They’ve done one hell of a good job with it and I would recommend it to anybody….!
    Did your Grand Father find Rommel in Alexandria Egypt…you know I’m a history buff and I read everything I can get my hands on…If I was wiser back then…I would have studied (Or read as you say in England) History instead of going into Engineering…but had I known then what I know now…I probably would have just wondered into Mexico….and led a happy life…Cheers mate

    • Hi Berge,

      Lol….my Grandfarther was a bit of a charicter, and when I was a boy he used to tell me so many tall stories about the war, and pretty much Grandad Charlie liberated Europe almost single handed !!

      I only remember pieces, I was very young when we were stationed in Germany, mid 60’s you could still see so much war devestation even then 20 years after it ended, my father took me to so many places around Europe, Germany,France,belgium Poland etc.all regarding famous battles in both the first and second World wars, we even went to what little was left of Belsen I think, but I remember my Grandfather comming to stay with us in Germany for about a month. He was looking for his old school mate killed in the war, we searched so many of those huge cemetarys over there, why the war office did’nt know exactly where his friend was burried I dont understand, but we found him anyway after a few weeks, my Grandad never talked much in a serious manner about his time in the War, my father was a bomb disposal volunteer from 1959 up untill 76 and never talked about it ever, guess its thier way to forget about it quicker.

      I think these things should be rememberd (So they don’t happen again) and not forgotten.

  2. Hi Dave,
    What you’re after is a USB FLASH CARD READER.
    I use them for programming memory cards in Gaming Machines.
    They cost peanuts over here (about £3)….God knows in Turkey !
    The good thing is that they are plug and play, so you don’t have to install any software.
    Any problems just ask your friendly Geordie Electronics Engineer !!

    • Hi Ian,

      I’m very much in the dark here regarding the gizmo thing…..so just to recap, the 3 quid gizmo will alow me to conect either of the camera cards photos on to any PC with no dramas ???

  3. Sorry Dave,
    For your camera it will be a USB SD Card Reader.
    My apologies Sir.

  4. Hi Dave,
    You still need software buddy otherwise you will not be able to downnload shit… Pardon my French. so if you got the gizmo and a google Picassa you’re all set….! Try it it will work….

    • Hi Berge,

      Yep I have Picasa…God this is so hard when you don’t know….where does the software come in, would I have to carry that with me also??

  5. Hi Dave,
    As long as the PC’s are running on windows 2000,ME, XP or VISTA you won’t need to install any software for the card readers to work.
    Soon after you plug it into the PC it will detect new hardware and automatically install the correct driver to work any USB 2.0 device.
    The PC will then say your device is installed and ready to use.
    If you’ve got 2 cameras and they are using different types of memory cards, you can buy an Integral 9 in 1 USB Mobile Card Reader, which will take up to 9 different types of memory media.
    Heres a link to read the full spec


    Hope this helps Dave

    • Hi Ian,

      5 quid for that one, it must do more tricks than the 3 quid one lol…….Think I’ll take both cameras to the computer shop in the morning and let him just sell me something…..pretty much everything is windows of some sort so at least that will be easy.

      Cheers my man..

      • Lol…You know guys, Linda and I are struggling with just the bloody photos, can you imagine us with a GPS lol.

    • Yep 2 different cards, just took the 2 cameras apart, one is FLASH and the other is SD..so this means I need a fancy card reader yes?

  6. Just been in the jacuzzi to cool down…….honest !!

    There is that many different cards on the market mate.
    3 types of SD (micro,mini and standard) and 2 types of flash.
    Email me a photo of the cards and I’ll source you a suitable reader or readers if the case may be.

    P.S It’s all complicated stuff, electronics……sometimes I wish I was a bricky !!

    • Your not kidding..I know where ı am with hammers and spanners but techy stuff………..Linda I think knows how to work the scanner I’ll get her do do it tomorrow, if not I’ll buy some crayons, draw a picture and post it to you ! ……..Somebody years ago said technology would make life easier……….still waiting lol.

      • IAN…..We went to town this morning and the computer shop has closed down, so could you please post me a gizmo soon as. I’ll give you the couple of quid when I see you, can you post it to MICK’S address please since mine does not work…bloody post office.



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