After a few long runs, 700KM or so,  My wrist would cramp up and become very painful, some kind of motorcycle cruise control was needed, just so I could rest my wrist from the dreaded throttle cramps without having to keep stopping. I researched various cruise controls from the very expensive electronic ones, 500 Dollars plus, to the cheaper cam lock mechanical cruise controls.

I did not like the electronic variety because of cost and plus there is so much electronics and wiring to go wrong, the mechanical variety, whilst only being around 50 Dollars were not made specifically for my bike, mostly Harley’s, so experimented with various rubber bands and came up with this.


I bought every size of elastic band imaginable and tried them all out, this is the kind that worked best, fat and very rubbery, as used by most postmen.


It takes two rubber bands twisted around and placed between the throttle grip and throttle mounting, it works great, I have had no more of the dreaded throttle cramps since using this on long runs. One US Dollar is the cost for a life times supply, and when no longer required simply use a screwdriver tip to hook them out.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on February 12, 2009.


  1. I believe this to be a very practical tip, Thanks.! I will try it

    • Works great on the flat Berge, gives you that two or three minutes to rest your arm and get the blood flowing again, not so good on the hills though !

  2. Will try it and let you know how it works for me. no worries…I like a good practical tip when I see one.

  3. Hi Dave, sounds like you’ve got too much spare time on your hands !(lucky git)
    Looks like a good idea mate, unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to try it out yet (rush hour traffic in Teeside, weaving in and out of those boxes with four wheels on….you get what I mean)
    Keep it up,
    Ian. (when can I bring some Jawa parts over !)

    P.S Give my love to Linda.

    • Lol.
      Saw your kitchen on Picasa, nice job mate…….plenty of Jawa parts here to keep your beemer going lol.

  4. Wow man very smart way to make easy your travel, thanks I go now to install this in my bike, life is easy, why we make it hard.
    Un abrazo

    • Hi Alvaro,

      Yep cheap and works great on the flat roads, just enough time to rest your arm on long journeys.



  5. Hi,
    Thanks for an awsome blog! I’ve been looking for some time now, to what type/brand of bike to get and I found your site, and you have now almost convinced me to get the Transalp (still thinking of Kawasaki’s counterpart) ..my question is, won’t the rubber band risk the throtle stick at a bad time and cause accident?? Sorry for the rookie question!

    • Hi Rolf,

      Thanks for the kind comments, the rubber band cruise control has performed flawlessly for 5500KM (4000 Miles) the rubber band is strong enough to hold the throttle open but not strong enough to resist the strength in your hand, it makes the long motorway journeys less of a strain on your wrist and fore arm.



  6. Check out the Throttle (Cruise) Control on Ebay for $5. It really works.


  7. And another money saver…will have to try this one Easter weekend ride.


  8. […] they're fantastic. And no batteries required. This guy made his own using a coat hanger: and this guy just uses a couple rubber bands. __________________ Steve C Gold Coast Riders (Rides & […]

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