On my other blog site I recorded all the bike modifications I have been doing, but on here I seam to have overlooked some, so posting them now, better late than never. Top box modifications were born out of experience, carrying a tent when traveling two up presents quite a problem at times, unless you have a tent rack.


Made my tent rack from the remains of a rear parcel shelf on a scrap motorbike, a little cutting and welding, once spray painted looks as good as an after sales rack, but cheaper.


Over the years, twice a top box has suddenly detached itself whilst riding along, the culprit on both occasions was fatigue of  one, or both of the two large plastic lugs that the top box locates into. The remedy I have used on this and other bikes is to simply bolt the top box straight through to the frame, as well as strengthening the top box this mod. also helps with security, it’s much harder for the casual thief to simply kick or wrestle  your top box off and walk away with it, and it’s contents.



A simple but effective solution to lug fatigue.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on February 10, 2009.


  1. The way you fabricated the tent rack is quite ingenious. Well done.
    I’m looking forward to your European tour reports.
    We’re braced in for more snow today…I’ve heard of the storm winds in France and the airport closures due to same….What is going on ? Global Warming is hitting us.

    • Cheers Berge…..The scientists lied to us mate, they promised us it would get warmer if we carried on poluting…..still waiting lol.

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