Had a look at the AA’s website today regarding fuel prices around Europe, Turkey of course has the highest fuel cost in the known Universe but an average across Europe is around 1 Euro per Litre at the moment.

My Route around Europe, according to Googles calculating software is 13,130 KM or 8,206 Miles, so time to do the fuel cost maths, the Transalp now regularly returns a little over 300 KM per 15 Litres since the rear sprocket was changed for 46 tooth.

13,130 KM  divide by 300 KM  = 43.76  so fill the tank 44 times.

15 Litres x 1 Euro per Litre = 15 Euros per fill up.

15 Euros x 44 fill ups = 660 Euros.


This is much cheaper than I thought it was going to be – Happy days!!

Though, as an after thought I should think that the total distance traveled will be much higher than the 13,130Km basic route outlined, because we will depart the route from time to time because of sightseeing and just simply getting lost, perhaps a total distance approaching 15,000KM is more realistic.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on February 5, 2009.

7 Responses to “2009 EUROPEAN TOUR – FUEL COST”

  1. Actually not bad…it might even get to be cheaper as fuel costs drop further when the stock market collapses and the price of commodities plummet

  2. I hope you’re right

  3. Hahahaha good one Bud… love it. Did you see the joke on Obama’s innauguration? It goes something like this:
    As January 20th approaches, more optimism is in the air as it’s been reported by reliable inner circles in Washington that immediately following his inauguration, President Obama will balance the budget, revive the economy, solve the real estate problem, bail out the auto industry , create gas/alternative energy solutions, stop the fires and mudslides in California, ban hurricanes and tornadoes, eliminate identity theft, reverse global warming, find Osama Bin Laden, resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, get rid of corruption in government and achieve world peace. Then on the 7th day, he will rest.
    Cheers mate, ride carefully unless what you ride is stationary

    • No one said it would be easy…lol What I want to know is what happened to the real power player in American politics….Obama Girl….MIA since before the election, I smell conspiracy Berge….Bush fearing regime change, ordered her capture and detention in sectret CIA prisons in Egypt ? We should start an internet campaign lol.

  4. lol…cheers and keep well

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