It’s February already and time really to make firm plans about our European tour, this is what the Transalp was bought for.


The travels around Turkey have all been practice to find out what we can do, as well as what the bike can do, the bike will carry just a ton of stuff easily, as well as climb any hill or mountain effortlessly fully laden. As for us, we are comfortable putting in 700Km a day without the dreaded ”numb bum” occurring, the only physical problem that surfaced was my right wrist, the throttle cramp was overcome by my ingenious and cheap rubber band cruise control.

So, we know we can do it, and the bike can do it……BUT here comes the problem…..paperwork….I have asked so many people about this, including Government officials, and as is very common in Turkey, nobody really knows. You can ask 10 different people the same question here and you always receive 10 different answers, so the only solution is to make a 2,000 Km round trip on the bike to the borders of  Europe…..and see what happens !

Not ideal, I know, so as soon as it stops bloody raining here, in the next few weeks we are, in true Wild West fashion, going to make a dash for the border.


Please let us in !!


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on February 3, 2009.

8 Responses to “2009 EUROPEAN TOUR”

  1. I’m jealous. Though personally I would rather go east and south than west and north.

    • Hi John,
      Yep South and East is penciled in for 2010, we are doing the easy one first mainly for the wife, she has not traveled much in her life so Spain,Italy and paris etc. are for her, Morroco is for me, also I have not been camping since I was 17 and the Mrs. never….so we have to see how we get on spending a month in a tent together lol.

  2. This trip sounds like a great plan..FUNtastic. Vive Le Tour mon cher ami
    As for the paperwork, I hear ya…you’ll just have to wait and see, you might even have different procedures at different crossings depending on who you talk to

    • Yeah….there in lies the problem Berge, different accounts of what might happen at borders.

  3. I’m probably very ignorant, but what’s the problem with the paperwork? When I look at your itinerary the only visum you’ll need is the Morrocon. What am I missing? cheers, Wim

    • Hi Wim-
      No problem anywhere except getting out of Turkey, there are a few bits of paper required to take a Turkish reg. vehicle out, but there is debate/cloud/fog as to what I actualy need to have, all quite normal….the burocracy here is legendary mate….thought you would have been playing in the snow with your TA this winter, I keep checking your blog…

  4. OK, understood, good luck. I haven’t been riding much since the Morocco trip, just commuting. It seemed so boring riding in W.Europe after this trip… But fortunately I have gotten used to it again and looking forward to some minor trips, one to the Ardennes next weekend and one next month in the mud. Should be fun.

    • Hi Wim,

      Yeah..suppose Europe would seam too easy after Morocco, I’m still hunting around here for a cheap knobblie so I can play in the mud lol. but no luck localy yet. Shall check your blog next week for the pics…cheers Dave..

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