A lucky escape, that’s what I feel……anybody who has followed this blog from the beginning will recall my agonising over which of the 4 bikes on my short list to buy.

The list was Honda’s Africa Twin and Transalp or BMW’s 650 and 800 GS, three months of Internet research kept bringing up problem after problem with the Beemers younger than 10 years old, Japanese machinery rules in Europe, you will not see that many  BMW’s on the roads here. In the States it is completely the opposite, Harley and BMW rule, and Beemers are perceived as  COOL.


I am Human, I have emotions..though my wife would strongly disagree…I wanted to be COOL, in the dark depths of my subconscious, but in my teenage years I spent many an hour by the roadside, in the freezing rain with broken down old cars, and friends on thier BSA’s or Triumph’s…I don’t want to do it any more!!…..Hence I chose one of the Honda’s…..Though it must be said that Triumph are really comming back now after some years in the wilderness. I really fancy one of those 800GS adventures, but not untill BMW get the problems sorted.


The recall is for both the 650 twin and 800, these two bikes were on my buy list, the notices started going out last week, the Internet forums have light up on the subject, the problems are the drive chain, sprockets shearing off, chains snapping, and the front brake calipers shearing off and jamming in to the wheel……why?…..the forums say these component parts are stamped CZ, a Czechoslovakia company that makes MZ and JAWA motorbikes….BMW money for JAWA parts….somebody in Germany is taking the piss !!

I suppose it’s only modern day capitalism at work, produce at ever cheaper costs, nothing wrong with that, until safety is affected. The previous BMW bike recalls in 2007 and 2008 were just a bit of iffy welding and minor things really, not these current life threatening recalls, I think I’m a little peeved at them because I nearly bought one, and it could of been me flying over the handlebars when the calliper breaks free and jams the front wheel.


Corperate giants rise and fall on their reputations for what they produce, I guess they will get around to these two bikes when they finish the 200,000 cars that are also being called back…….rant over, back to happy riding !


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on February 2, 2009.

10 Responses to “BMW RECALL NOTICE”

  1. Jawa? Have you seen the Jawa bikes here? BMW is outsourcing to them???

    • cheaper to buy the Jawa then stick a BMW badge on it…infact I will see if I can find an image of that lol..

  2. I wonder if the new Jawas still use the old Cork clutch.
    You can’t compare the BMW suspension to Jawa.
    You want cheap…you can buy cheap. Mind you the Jawas are not bad for the money

    • I love the old JAWA’s there are so many wrecks running around Turkey, get tempted to buy one sometimes and do it up !

  3. I actually love the old Jawa as well. It’s one of the first Bikes I ever rode. Remember how the clutch used to become the kick stand
    One of my all times favorite is the OLD 1934 BSA with the spring loaded front fork…not to mention the Matchless, Ariel and AJS

    • You sound like my mate here Mick, he rode and fixed all those old bikes you mentioned, he is 62 retired and still rides and pulls apart bikes…just bought himself an old Yamaha Dragstar 650 which has now been overhauled, resprayed and glamed up. We did discuss getting an old Jawa cheap from the police auctions and doing it up between us as a winter project but he became unwell…maybe next winter !

  4. Dave, it’s a small world indeed…we’re only separated by a big pond across and nothing else unless you consult Winston C.
    Sorry to hear Mick got sick…hope he’s doing better and yes restoring an old Jawa would be a great project….

  5. Regarding the Recall Notices: yes, I DID have a seious accident. I remember nothing about it as I was unconscious for 1.25 hrs! Very unexplained and very violent in nature with the F650GS 2008 burning to a crisp upon crashing onto the road with a force that broke the front fork tube right off, broke both wheels, threw a con rod because the engine continued to run while lying on its side, and burned so hot and completely it melted all the aluminum parts and all the gear on the bike. Been at the Gillette Rally so had onboard all the usual camping gear etc.
    How do I post a pic to you?

    • Hi Sue,

      Sorry to hear you had such a bad accident, unfortunatly there have been a few of these sudden unexplained catasrophies, so how are you now ? all recovered I hope. Pictures….I dont know really how you would post a pic in comments…just send it to my e-mail and I will paste it on the recall blog if you wish.



  6. Thats my dream bike

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