As with tyres, colours, panniers, MPG and sprockets, personal preference is probable going to be the deciding factor above all, we all want slightly different things from our motorbikes.

Me, and this is probably due to my age, safety of limb, I have seen from friends accidents over the years   what can happen to ones legs, ankles and feet, 200Kg of motorbike splinters bone with ease, regardless of super slippery or armoured riding gear. Hence limiting contact with the road is essential, and also I don’t want any damage to the bike, the greatest contribution one can make to safety is keeping the speed down, but no man under 30 years old wants to hear that!



My crash bars are GIVI and cost around 90 Pounds, they are about the cheapest on the after sales market and are extremely solid…….tested them already in the stupidest of falls that we all do, but never admit too, I didn’t put the side stand down properly and BANG… instant I’m on the rough tarmac with 200Kg on top of me.


You will notice the stainless steel panniers on the back of my bike, those plus the crash bars create a safety zone where the tarmac can’t touch me or the bike…….damage from the fall, bike – paint scuffed on the crash bars, stainless steel being much tougher than ordinary mild steel, no damage or even a scuff mark on the panniers, and me… legs completely untouched, crawled out from under the bike with ease, had the bike not had crash bars and panniers I would have been trapped by my leg, in pain at the very least, at the worst I could so easily have a broken ankle now.

Below are some photos of different makes of crash bars.






I like the bars on the red Transalp but they have no lower protection for feet and ankles, my GIVI bars have plenty of lower protection but no upper protection for that very, very expensive fairing should it be damaged. I went to see the man who made my panniers a little while back and we came up with something where we could weld some extra tube on top of my existing bars, the cost is only 50 Lira (20 Pounds) but I am not sure what shape the bar extension should be……more playing on Photoshop first, I think.


Crash bars are also very useful when on a long tour to lash additional items too, as I did reacently on a 6 week tour of Europe.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on February 1, 2009.


  1. Personal prefs should be the #1 issue.
    I had a Honda CB400 in Singapore and first thing I remember doing was having the crash bars (Chrome) installed on the bike along with two huge fog ligths each side of the bottom rails.
    The extra equipment proved very useful to have during my excursions to Johor Bahru and Desaru Beach in Malaysia.
    Yes Winston C was a great man with even a greater following. He was my Dad’s favorite politico of all times.

    • Hi Berge,
      Agreed, I am a lone voice in the wilderness here with my biker friends, keep the speed down is the greatest contribution one can make to safty….God, I’m old……sounds a great trip mate, riding around Malaysia…feel like sharing any photos ??

    • Thank you for the information on CB400 Crash Bar.
      I am from Sydney Australia and thinking of buying a CB400. Would you please tell me where can I buy the crash bar and the the stainless steel panniers you mentioned?

  2. Yeah I need to get organized over here and will be posting photos soon.
    ps: I’m getting old too…or maybe I’m already too old…lol

  3. What brand are bars on blue transalp?

  4. I would like to buy a crash bar for Honda Translap 650V, Any contacts where I can buy one. I like the one on the Red Bike offering upper protection. Please let me know. Thanks

    • Hi Eddy,

      I don’t know what country you live in, but the easy way is always the internet to find and buy whatever you want, or if you are in Turkey, have them made by a local mechanic to an exact copy.

  5. Agree, they are useful to strap extra items too, good idea.

  6. Hi there,
    I’m Danilo, from Italy. Congrats for your trips… they look very adventurous.
    I’m looking for a crash bar for my Transalp 650. I was wondering whether you can tell me the name of the red one (the one without lower protection). Thanks.
    Have a nice ride, and good luck.

    • Hi Danilo,

      I think the one without lower protection was by Touratech, they make fantastic, but expensive extras for most adventure bikes…..I enjoyed Italy and I am planing to go to Rome again in March.



  7. Apologize not know english. I have hit on accidentally it part as I searched information of crush bars. I have like on photos

  8. […] Crash bars are also very […]

  9. Many thanks for taking the time to do this. It’s greatly assisted me in selecting the right bars. I was after ones that will allow me to hang saddle bags from them and tie off my tank bag straps too; Touratech’s are my best bet here in Australia.

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