Rainy season here only lasts a few months, the rest of the year is beautiful sunshine, in the gaps of rain everyone does what they have to do, shopping, errands, socialising etc. Today in a break in the weather friends came by to say hello, but had a little trouble leaving !


My rain soaked badminton court could not even bare the weight of an empty Transit van, Mick and I helped to push, and push but no luck, the front wheels of the Transit were sinking deeper by the minute.



No worries, we asked help from our neighbours who have a tractor.


The first pull with a single rope –  snapped, rope doubled – snapped, rope trebled – snapped, rope quadrupled – snapped and no more rope left, so Tolom goes off with his tractor and comes back later with a meaty chain.


Over half an hour has gone by now and the Transit has sunk further, the soil was dug away from the wheels, my poor badminton court !



Channels dug and ready for yet another pull.



Still no joy ! The van hardly budged, so in a last ditch attempt we applied the laws of Physics regarding weight transfer in mass accelerating, ie. turned the tractor around and hooked the chains up to the tractors rear.


Succes at last, have I mentioned my poor badminton court, two hours after the van was freed – This happened !


I lived in Asia years ago and you got this kind of extreme rain from Typhoons but not here in Turkey, the scientist must be right about Global Warming, they said it will get wetter !




Never seen rain like this in the four years I’ve lived here, flash flooding all around.




It was at this point a dire emergency arose……we were out of cigarettes….I asked the Mrs. to come with me to the shops and take photos from the back of the bike, but she bluntly refused, very bluntly !

I was completely drenched just wading from my door to the bike, the nearest shop was about 500 meters away and I new there would be some much deeper water on the roads than what was surrounding my house, the dirt track from my house was under water and I expected to be slipping all over the place on the underlying mud but NO, straight along the track which was under several inches of water.

The road near to the shop however was very flooded, the water was up to my ankles on the foot pegs, that’s around 18 inches deep, scary stuff for me ,but we needed our ciggies, so I pressed on through the 70 meters length of water, I know Transalps are supposed to do this but you never expect you ever will and quite what will happen when you do !!

There was also a few potholes hidden under the dirty water, when the bike went in deep, over the front mud guard, it really sapped the HP but a blip of the throttle and away she went again 🙂



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on January 30, 2009.


  1. Was this a transit or Police Van? I’m surprised at the amount of Rain you guys got over the last couple of weeks.
    Nice pics. Thanks for sharing the story.

    • Hi Berge,
      Yes we were very suprised also, shocked more like, the van is a Ford Transit.

  2. got you mate…to mean Transit Van mean like public transport…lol now I see it was the model you were reffing to..stupido me…Mea Culpa….should one day speak European…lol
    Thanks for the clarification..
    PS: I still don’t know what my 16 yr old son texts me…and if I ask him..he’d say’re gay (lingo)
    Where in Ais did you live? we were stationed in Singapore for about 11 years or so
    Cheers and keep well

    • Hi Berge,

      Small World, R.A.F Changi, Singapore in the 60s and later in Manila 80s – Speak European lol. Reminded what Winston Churchill once said about England and America ” Two great Nations seperated by a common languge” lol.

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