Never a subject that ends in agreement often, but reading probably hundreds of Ride Reports on the ADV website one can draw an easy conclusion that Metzler Tourance (My tyres) are the best on the road but the worst in mud.

My riding style is best described as slow and relaxed, the wife and I want to live……. so all this screaming around corners, scraping the foot pegs and have to do ”full speed all the time” is not for us, thats what the Tourance’s are for, a very sticky tyre and really there is nothing better…….but I don’t need that !


The photo above is of  Continental TKC80’s, pretty much all the ”Grown-ups” use these for their large Enduro bikes, touring long distance, nothing better than average on the road but if your not the foot peg scraping type of rider then these are fine, but off-road they are a million times better than Tourance’s….so after studying this subject for a few weeks I will change over to TKC’s when my current tyres wear out.


Notice the centre bike, this is what heavy Enduro bikes can do with Tourance tyres – but it’s not for me !!


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on January 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “THE GREAT TYRE DEBATE”

  1. Hi. I recently stumbled on your blog and am finding it very interesting and a great reference point. I’ll be taking my Transalp on the ferry to Santander in Spain in August then across France to the Italian Dolomites, through the Alps then back up to London. So I’ll be looking to put on a new set of tyres before I go. I ride the way you do and usually go for Avon Distanzias but I’ve found the back still tends to skid out a bit to willingly in the wet. I’d be very interested to read how you got on with the TKCs.

    All the best


    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks for the kind words mate………….We have just returned from a 6 week trip around Europe, two up and over loaded with camping gear etc etc, which has now seen off my poor back tyre, Trail wings were origanaly on the bike but the Tourances are a World apart from them, so much grippier on the road. The only time the bike was skitish was on wet cobble stones in Paris. Have not bought the TKC’s yet, they are for play when its winter here.

      Sounds like a great trip you have coming up….enjoy !!



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