There was a break in the weather a couple of days ago, we all met up at Theo’s office, even the Mrs. came out on her Barbie pink scooter.


Pembe, means pink in Turkish, Pembe always draws more attention than any of our bikes.



After the usual drinking of tea we decided to go on a run up to the hills in Uzumlu overlooking Fethiye, so it was back to our house to put on helmets.


We stood around talking about bikes again, then headed of towards Fethiye.



However the weather started to change, the cloud dropped and so did the temperature.



We had the usual stop every few Kilometers to check Theo’s chain was still there 🙂


We stopped at the village of Uzumlu and decided to have some lunch and wait to see if the cloud lifts, kinda no point riding in the hills if you can’t see the view. Boris then got a big, loudly hissing puncture in his back tyre, a whole can of puncture foam was squirted in, but made no difference. We dropped his Africa twin off at the garage and had our lunch waiting for the phone call that the puncture was repaired…….an hour and a half later we went to investigate why a 10 minute job was still not done.


An awkward two minute ride to the garage !


The offending nail…we waited around some more time while the rear wheel was put back on.



After a long and thorough inspection by Boris we were ready to go, but then Boris noticed his valve cover missing….so back to the resturant again where he had the puncture. The resturant owner would not let us pay for lunch, so we said we would look around the carpark while he tried to pay for our lunch, his valve cover was found by Theo’s amazing eye sight, but we decided to tell Boris we could’nt find it !


Then in the true spirit of friendship we all stood around watching Boris walk up and down the carpark looking for the tiny valve cover, laughing to ourselves……..Oh!….and then the batteries went on our camera!

We lost so much time today that we decided to just turn back home.

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on January 27, 2009.

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