We met up with Boris today who we had not seen since the Alanya road trip, he had an errand in Fethiye, plus our friend Mick was there in hospital, so we all went together.



Boris on his Africa Twın, Theo on his Kanuni gt250 and us on our Transalp 650, the weather was bright and sunny so it was a pleasant ride over the hills from Dalaman to Fethiye.



We did not go through the tunnel but instead went via the twisties over the hill tops.



Boris had to take some of his money to the bank but it was quite a problem at first to get it all on his bike. Between us we fortunatly had enough bungee cords to secure his money and we all escorted him through Fethiye town centre to his bank.



Mick has recently bought himself a Yamaha Dragstar 650 but has not had the chance to ride it much, we are waiting for him to join us on one of our road trips. We annoyed him for an hour then headed back to our bikes for a ride around.



We stopped for coffee and started to lay plans for another road trip, this time Theo will bring his wife along so she can have a rest from the babies.


As we were getting ready to leave and return to Dalaman, Theo started to admire and stand close to the little pink scooter, the colours of the scooter do match his jacket, maybe he is thinking of a change from his Kanuni !




~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “TRIP TO FETHIYE”

  1. Hi David That was a nice trip again.
    But ı am so sad that we couldnt get some money from Barıs’s box !

  2. BArış da Mick in son duasını yapmış az sonra gömecek sanırım:)

  3. I write too much but one more yhing that ı want to say.
    You now this game Linda the photo from the mirror is perfect.

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