Rainy season has started here in Turkey and after three days of thunder storms the rain finally eased up, I have been wanting to take the bike off road since the luggage rack and panniers were made, to test their durability.


The same man who made the stainless steel panniers also, after much arguing and hagaling, made and welded  the brackets on to the back of the panniers that hold the 3litre petrol cans, the cans are old oil containers from a local car service garage.


I have been wandering to myself, that since everything that has been made was my design and my measurements, whether it would all just fall apart once things got a little bumpy.


This is the beginning of a long decent down to a reservoir, it does not look much in the photo but in real life it was plenty steep enough for me.


This is the point where I learned something valuable about off road riding, wearing Prada moccasins is not good, they have no grip and the soles are soft leather so all the stones hurt your feet, not to mention they are definatly NOT waterproof.




Ploughing through water was such good fun, I’ve never done that before and can’t wait to do it again, did I mention already about moccasins not being waterproof !



The reservoir was overflowing the wall around the sluce gates, and as such the land around was very boggy, knobbie tyres would have been much better here than the  road biased Tourance.


Heading back home after a couple of hours play… scientific evaluation….so far nothing has come loose or even started to rattle yet. The panniers also offer good crash protection, I tested that last week when I ”Fell over” with the bike, not only do the panniers protect the bike from damage but the panniers also protected my leg from 200kg of bike.



A few sections of track had washed away, I wouldn’t like to ride this road in the dark.


The bike was perfect, I on the other hand pulled my shoulder and hurt my knee again, I still think I might make the crash bars a little bigger to protect the bike from a fall, and definitely some riding boots for my sore, wet, cold feet.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on November 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “OFF ROAD TEST”

  1. Hi david ı just fnished my blog were you there?
    I couldnt find a fast way to answer you.
    Here was more easy. Thanks for your help again.
    See u tomorrow

  2. When you take the TA offroad one big improvement is replacing the springs with thicker and more progressive ones. Makes riding both easier and faster. I had major problems with the fully loaded bike on difficult bumpy tracks but they all disappeared. cheers, Wim

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