The Mrs. had always wanted her own set of wheels since I got mine a couple of years ago here in Turkey, however it had to be pink, it didnt matter what make or model or anything, just pink!

For some reason pink isn’t a popular colour and it took me a good few months of searching to find her something, if she’d wanted black or silver she could have had a bike the same day she said she wanted one.


I found her a 125cc scooter, brand new from the showroom for about 500 quid including paperwork.

After much searching, finally found a pink scooter for Linda.


She also found a helmet for lady riders.


So we’ve got the bike, got the helmet, only one thing left to do, run up to the hills around the edge of town and pose for pretty pictures.


Took them up towards the mountains for some pretty photos.

It’s one of the many pretty spots to bring the bikes for photo’s.


Her scooter soon had a name, “Little pembe” it means pink in Turkish.


I never miss an opportunity to get a few pics of mine, a Chinese copy of a Yamaha Virago.





~ by travelswithmymotorbike on September 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “LINDA’S FIRST BIKE”

  1. I did wonder on the origins of the famous pink scooter, now I know!…Nice pics up theres on the hills.

  2. Nothing for years and now half a dozen at once, keep it up I liked your pics and unique view of things. Owen

    • Hi Owen,

      Thanks, I’ll be keeping up the posting at about 1 per day for the next couple weeks, found lots of stories and pics in the portable hard drive.



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