Another past trip that we have photos for, very Indiana Jones this one, the Fethiye Rock Tombs are well worth the visit (and climb up the hill) if you ever find yourself in this part of the World.

Back in late 2006 the tunnel under the mountain leading to Fethiye  was finally completed, making the journey time much shorter and avoiding having to use the poor, (Then, since been re-surfaced and widened)  narrow twisty mountain road.

We of course had to take a photo inside the new tunnel.

Through the process of elimination (Many wrong turns) we found our way to the base of the Rock Tombs.

The first rock face has many smaller 2500 year old Tombs of lesser Nobles from the period.

I did try to climb up to the larger of the small tombs, but it was too hot and my resolve quickly ebbed away.

Standing alone on another nearby rock face is a very large Tomb, interestingly when Alexandre The Great passed through here, one of his senior Generals died, his body was placed in one of these Tombs and sealed up, it is not known which Tomb.

Centuries later when the Crusader passed through here on their way back from the slaughter in the  Holy Lands, all the Tombs were broken in to and looted.

This is a very impressive and large Tomb, we began our climb up.

Very hot and tired.

Each of the steps up to the tomb are 3 feet high.

The spectacular view from the top Tomb over Fethiye bay.

The large stone door cut in to by the Tomb robbers.

Inside were three stone beds for the bodies, the trek back down the hill to the bike was much easier, we decided to have lunch in one of the many bay cafes.

After lunch a quick walk around to the Marina.

Heading back home.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on July 21, 2006.

30 Responses to “FETHIYE ROCK TOMBS”

  1. Dave:

    beautiful, memories, and a lot of scanning of old negatives. thank you for remembering so much. your memory isn’t too bad for an old dude.

    Looks like another Chinese bike in your future

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Nikos was just asking me about the pros and cons of Chinese bikes on the last post, I quite like them, mostly because they are very, very cheap!!

      I’ve been to these tombs 3 or 4 times now, they really are something.



  2. Wow that temple is the dogs bollocks, very Indiana Jones or should I say Indiana Dave….

    • Hi Owen,

      Out of tourist season there is nobody around and we can enjoy the Tombs all to ourselves, the big Tomb really is the dogs danglies!!


      Indiana Dave….

  3. Marvelous pics of the tombs, the sites you bring us from Turkey are always amazing!!


    • Hi James,

      Thanks for that, yes theres some really nice ancient sites here in Turkey.



  4. Indeed to echo what James said, we see things on your blog that are not on most other motorbike blogs. I like that over the shoulder (Second from the bottom) photo crusing down the road on a chopper, its a great photo.

    • Hi Rob,

      Your too kind sir, we just point the camera, click and see what turns up, really!!



  5. Dave:

    you’re too humble. You are telented beyond belief. and handsome like James Bond (sigh)

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      No you are more talented than I bob……..However your observation that I am handsome like James Bond, is spot on mate lol..



  6. Guys your both talented…..and handsome like Shrek lol

    • Hi Owen,

      I can go with that…..Shrek is known to be a diamond in the ruff, kinda rugged good looks…..Infact if you get a picture up on your screen of Shrek, then look at it with one eye closed and the other eye squinting, head tilted slightly to the left you do see a kind of Sean Connery image….Try it!!



  7. Just tried the head tilted, one eye thing….Didn’t see Sean Connery…..I saw Elvis!!!!

    • Hi Rob,

      LOL…Elvis is good too, thin Elvis or fat Elvis lol.



  8. Aarrrh!!!….I saw the mother in law, didnt have to squint much either!!

  9. Hi Dave that is nice to see you from here.
    That means you are still alive!
    How is your new motorcycle?
    Mik says hi also

    • Hi Theo,

      Still alive (just)…….My tooth broke again this week (Bloody hurts) been to the dentist this week and had it removed, but its still not better yet……Soooo much pain lol

      See you soon,


  10. <b?Davie:

    I put my head out the window and I think I can still hear you screaming. Time to do another video to keep your mind on other things, or perhaps you could take up knitting too

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      I’ve been nursing that broken tooth since Christmas day, as more pieces broke off during the past 5 months the more painful it became……Anyway sat in the dentists chair finally, and he wanted to rake around with that long pointed spear they use, I stopped him and said ”You can see which tooth it is, theres only one broken, just give me the injection and pull it out”

      We then went back and forth with him trying to persuade me to open my mouth…No chance, while he had the spear in his hand!! He eventually put the spear down and got a little air squirty thing to identify the tooth…..Even a gentle waft of air hurt Bob lol!!

      Anyway its out now, once the swelling goes down and the pain stops, I shall be able to sleep properly again and thus concentrate the mind on other things, like a Montie video!!…Given the amount of bad language coming from Lindas corner, knitting is harder than it looks!!



  11. Dave:

    how about a fowl language knitting video of Linda. That would keep us entertained while you work on the Montie video.

    hope your pain goes away soon, it hurts just thinking about you hurting

    Wet Coast Scootin

  12. Davey:

    picked up writer’s block have we ?

    get cracking on the blushing Marine knitting video

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Bob,

      Yeah, writers block and travelers block…Athens seems a place to really avoid at the moment because of the riots etc, going to postpone that trip for a few months or perhaps next year, I cant think of anywhere else to go at the moment!!


      Blocked Dave….

  13. Davie:

    I hope your post comes before I am looking at these tombs from the inside

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Sorry for the delay, been working these past couple of weeks……Made a video today actually, just uploading it to youtube as I write, going to be about 3 hours before its ready though….The beginning of a new chapter!!



  14. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    Christian, iwspo.net

  15. I really love the James Bond movies. One of the best was the man with the golden gun. There the James Bond Rock was really impressive, in nature it isn’t so special in my opinion.

  16. Is the symbol of Fethiye rock tombs. Fethiye’s islands, coves, historical sites, natural wonders worth exploring.

  17. Just amazing photos!!

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